End Of An Error

by Mint State

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"End Of An Error"'s namesake is just that. After years of touring their home of Long Island, finalizing lineups and weaving every second of music just they way wanted, Mint State was ready.
With Producer and long time friend, Frank Mitaritonna, they hit the famed VuDu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY. Over the course of the fall and part of the winter they spent their time going over every detail, exploring every inch of what owner Mike Watts had to offer.

With a tour, four music videos, a series of video updates called MINTstatments, merch and a new EP to promote, Mint State can't be stopped. After winning Gorilla Music's Battle of the Bands and playing shows with national touring acts such as Patent Pending, Courage My Love, and The Ivans, there's no place to go but up.

Mint State's foundation started with Vocalist and Guitarist Matthew Drangsland and Drummer JT McIntosh over 12 years ago. Then solidified in 2013 with Guitarist and Vocalist Nicholas Balzano and Bassist Sean Cashman. Ever since, Mint State has been unstoppable.


released November 29, 2015

Producer/Engineer: Frank Mitaritonna
Recorded At: Vudu Studios, Port Jefferson, NY

All music and lyrics by MINT STATE
Mint State is:
Vocals/Guitars: Matthew Drangsland
Vocals/Guitars: Nicholas Balzano
Drums: James McIntosh
Bass Guitar: Sean Cashman



all rights reserved


Mint State

Mint State is a four piece Indie/Powerpop band from Long Island, NY. For fans of Alkaline Trio, Sugarcult, Blink 182 and Patent Pending.

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Track Name: Melt Into The Ground


Back in town for an hour or two
At least thats what I told you.
Drove around till the sun rose
Down all the streets that I used to know
Sadie G. plays quietly
It stops my heart instantly
A chill in the air completes the night
Our ghosts stood by a backyard fire
And I stared, I stared.


I'm working with nothing
Please tell me theres something
I forgot before I left
I've been working for too long
For it to be all wrong
I melt into the ground again.


I skipped town and packed it all
Just to make it by the fall
Something there has got to fix
This fucked up dream I just can't kick
Theres something there its in the air
That'll make me care that I could share
A truth to make some needed sence
Please don't leave me in suspense.
Track Name: Annie, Keep Running


Annie she called me
Shes on the run
Run run run.
Seems that shes gone off
And hurt someone
Just for fun.
Breathing so deeply
Shes slowing down
down down down.
Annie speed up now or
You'll be found.


But Annie's sure,
She needs something more.
Something more.


Annie keep running
Annie keep running away.
Or tomorrow will catch you,
You can't out run today.


Annie she called me
Shes moving on.
On on on.
Don't come here tomorrow
Cause I'll be gone
Gone gone gone.
Ahead of the daybreak
She travels by dark
Like her heart.
I silently pray that
She'll miss the mark.
Track Name: Attention


Its raining
Its pouring
The whole block is in mourning.
Stumbling to the earth
Mumbling on their words.

Will I come back?
It all depends.
Say goodbye to all your friends.
And the sirens they alert,
With disaster we will flirt.

The streetlights dim
The end begins.
Red lights bright,
The go for fight.
Well they're calling your name,
Though your fathers to blame.


They said we only have tonight.
Then they dropped their hearts and
Grabbed their arms to fight.
They shot their guns, the battles won
But the war goes on.


Backwards talk
Forward march.
Boots hit the ground
Unison sound.
The command came down,
Its time to light this town.

Raise the flag far up the wire
Take theirs down set it on fire.
The win is bittersweet,
Blood soaked upon this beach.

The notes sent home
The ringing phone.
An open field, you're all alone.
The clouds surround, and the thunder sound.

The future's set
Its carved in stone.
The crowds dispurse
They broke his throne.
A dove with broken wings, still the soldiers sing.
Track Name: Far Away


She writes
"I think I'll be alright, no use for me to fight.
and soon this will be over." Over.
Night will turn back into day
It'll always be this way.
But time feels like it stopped.

Even if we don't figure this out
If we're still left here with some doubt.
Will you stick it out for me?


The room is plagued with silence.
Will you go down with me tonight?
Don't you feel so far away?
I can't count on you today.
He turns his head and walks away.
She starts to speak, no sound at all.


And maybe we'll find common ground in separate towns
Or maybe we'll just fade away.
But either way I'll be just fine, I'll be alright.
But lately we've seen better days.

Time will tell, the world will turn.
The stars will but, and we'll never learn.
The sky will fall, on knees we'll crawl.
She starts to speak. No sound at all.